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MAKE GOUDA, HAVARTI, May 14, 2017 cheese class, St. Louis, MO

Posted 5/1/2017 9:59am by Merryl Winstein.

Hi Mailing List Members,

SUNDAY, MAY 14, 2017, St. Louis, MO, with Merryl Winstein

Finally I will teach Havarti & Danbo, and Gouda, washed curd cheeses I've learned to make in Denmark.

My classes are hands on and hands-in, suitable for anyone, either beginners or advanced.

Gouda has a dry, golden brushed rind.

Havarti and Danbo have soft, pink, pungent washed rinds.

We will also try to make Mysost, the brown cheese (a whey cheese) from Norway. So far I'm starting to think the soft kind you buy is not a homemade cheese at all, but we will put things together.


SAT. MAY 13, 2017

Learn to make French Tomme, Traditional Cheddar, Camembert/Brie, and hand ladled Ricotta.
Take home a 50 page instruction booklet.

Get the first look at my new 550 page cheesemaking book (I guess it's turned into an encyclopedia).
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Price:  one day $185  
OR, Save $25 - for two days or for two people on one day: $345