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Upcoming Cheese Making Classes!
St. Louis, Missouri
choose Sat, Sun, or both
Sat/Sun March 17/18, 2018

About my new book
Step-by-step directions & photos for Making Nearly Every Type of Cheese"

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  • 1.  My new book “SUCCESSFUL CHEESEMAKING™, Step-by-Step Directions and Photos for Making Nearly Every Type of Cheese.” 
    670 pages, 800 step-by step B/W photos. 
    $124.99, with FREE postage in USA before Dec 30, 2017
    SAVE $30, buy two copies at once, $219.98, with FREE postage in USA before Dec 30 2017.
  • Canada and Europe prices, with postage, click on order page.
    (buy book here).

  • Book 1 and Book 2 are sold together for the one price.
    I divided it into two because one book was too heavy!

  • 2. Complete, high-quality, CHEESEMAKING KIT for making 125 pounds (60kg) cheese of every type:
    •  Beautiful, wooden dutch lever cheese press (handmade in Illinois)
    •  25 little packets of starter culture (5 each of mesophilic, thermophilic,   chevre/fromage blanc, sour cream, and yogurt)
    2 good quality hoops (one for pressed cheese like Cheddar, one for drained cheese like chevre or feta-style
    •  good quality F/C thermometer with 2" dial and 8" (20cm) stem,
    •  liquid rennet
    •  food grade
    cheese mats (NOT needlepoint craft mats!),
    •  accurate 50-page direction booklet (same one given out in my cheese making classes)

    KIT PRICE: $235 if bought at class,
    Online, $245 includes postage (click here to buy kit ).

  • 3. Beautifully handmade cheese press, photo below .
    CHEESE PRESS PRICE: $120 bought at class, or $135 includes postage (click here to buy press ).

    AT CLASS buy complete kits, books, and individual supplies
    like rennet, hoops, etc.
    ONLINE buy my books, the complete kits, and the cheese presses. I don't sell individual supplies online.