EARN $10, just ask library to order book

LOTS of interested cheesemakers and hobbyists would like to see SUCCESSFUL CHEESEMAKING®, but they don't know about it. Yet I'm only one person and can't reach them all. You can help them find it. Together we can make this a national movement of great cheese education, and I'll give you $10 to pitch in! Here's how:

  1. Just ask your library to order the book from their normal wholesalers: Baker & Taylor & others, OR, Library Bound in Canada. 
    ISBN 978-0-9985959-5-5, retail cover price $124.99 (usd)
  2. When the book arrives, they'll notify you.
  3. Email me with their name, address, phone, and email.
  4. I'll check that the book is there safe and sound, then I'll send you your $10 by Paypal or electronically.

More book info and complete list of wholesalers, click here.

Merryl Winstein, author and cheese educator