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About my new book
Step-by-step directions & photos for Making Nearly Every Type of Cheese"

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SUCCESSFUL CHEESEMAKING™ book! (plus Online Press Kit w/ PDFs)

After 8 years of work, I'm happy to present my new cheesemaking book:
SUCCESSFUL CHEESEMAKING™, Step-by-Step Directions & Photos for Making Nearly Every Type of Cheese

SUCCESSFUL CHEESEMAKING™ answers more questions than any other cheesemaking book I know of. It finally answered most of my own questions. Wish I'd had a book like this when I first started.

With 670 pages with 800 clear black-and-white photos showing every step, it's 2 big volumes, sold together as one set. It's like an encyclopedia of cheese making.

Hear about it on my interview at, the Earthworms Show with Jean Ponzi. (KDHX_FM 88.1, St. Louis, MO,Nov 24, 2017).

Please buy book here directly from me (Thanks! I earn more that way).
Price: $124.99, FREE postage in USA.
SAVE $30, two books: $219.98, FREE postage in USA.
Canada: postage $20.
Europe: $65 postage for one book, $90 postage for two books.

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REVIEW 1, by Jenny Vahldick, Moxie Farm CSA and dairy
I’ve spent lots of money buying lots and lots of books on cheesemaking. I would read each book from cover to cover and try to follow the instructions. I made some OK cheese and some really awful cheese but I never got good, consistent results. I was very frustrated.

     Then, in Merryl Winstein’s class and glancing through her book, I learned more in 3 hours than I have in 10+ years of teaching myself on my farm.
     SUCCESSFUL CHEESEMAKING™ is very detailed without being confusing. The step-by-step instructions are clear and easy to follow, and quickly helped me make cheeses that I am proud of. I’ve had dozens of ‘lightbulb’ moments as pieces of the puzzle easily clicked together.
     I wish I would have started my cheesemaking journey with this book, but for now, the two greatest cheesemaking tools I have on my farm are the wonderful genetics in my dairy cattle, and Merryl Winstein’s SUCCESSFUL CHEESEMAKING™ book.

Jenny Vahldick, Owner, Moxie Farms
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

(more photos below)

REVIEW 2, by Jim Wallace, Cheese Educator, New England Cheesemaking
This book is a great addition to the library of anyone serious about improving their cheese making skills. In addition to a wealth of information on process and the “Why?” of it all, Merryl Winstein includes a very detailed section on several important Northern European and harder-to-find Greek cheeses, as well as an extensive range of other cheese styles.
     At over 600 pages, it’s not a quick read but well worth the time. Unique to this book are incredibly detailed black-and-white photographs showing consecutive stages of the cheesemaking processes.
     The book covers the range from herd and milk choices, through process stages, and cave management. With its wide scope, I certainly see this as a book to go back to time and time again.
     You will probably find that it answers questions you didn’t even know you had. . . Happy Cheesemaking!
Jim Wallace, tech help and workshops,
New England Cheesemaking Supply
Massachussetts, USA


(more photos below)

REVIEW 3, by J.M. Buch Kristensen, M.Sc. (Dairy Science) Author of “Cheese Technology—A Northern European Approach”
I am very happy to welcome the publication of Merryl Winstein’s SUCCESSFUL CHEESEMAKING ™ book. Indeed, it is not every day that such a book, international in its scope, deserves our attention as professional cheesemakers.
     For this book is intended for home cheesemakers. Yet it deals with the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of its subject. In a readable and intelligible manner, she introduces the reader to the mysteries of cheese technology.
     Having travelled to Denmark on several occasions, and not least started learning the Danish language, she is well capable of transmitting her appreciation of the Nordic way of cheesemaking.
     This she does in a clear and confident manner. Moreover, her volume is both practical and helpful. Supported by hundreds of photographs, the book is clearly organized, well indexed, and logically structured. Not least it has a most helpful, practical, table of contents, an excellent starting point.
     This book will be used both by professional and home cheesemakers, to the benefit and enjoyment of both.

J.M. Buch Kristensen, M.Sc. (Dairy Science) Author of “Cheese Technology—
A Northern European Approach”
Director for 37 years, of Dalum Technical College:
The Dairy Training Centre of Denmark
Odense, Denmark

(Table of Contents. Scroll down for more pics.)

Please buy book here directly from me (Thanks! I earn more that way).
Price: $124.99, FREE postage before Nov. 30, 2017.
SAVE $30, two books: $219.98, FREE postage before Nov. 30.

Thank you!

ANSWERS ALL YOUR QUESTIONS so you can make really great cheese!

    CLEAR, COMPREHENSIVE, ACCURATE, explains the traditional & professional ways of making the finest cheeses of cow's, goat's, or sheep's milk, using simple home or artisan equipment.
  • 670 pages, 800 clear, step-by-step photos. 2 volumes sold together.

  • Learn how and why the same milk & ingredients turn into an astounding array of completely different cheeses.

  • Discover that each great cheese family is made with its own particular method (for example Cheddar, Alpine, lactic, washed-curd, stretched-curd, etc).

  • Understand how varying methods change the flavor, texture, & ripening - make your cheeses turn out strong or mild, hard or soft, mold-ripened or plain.

  • No amount of trial & error will lead to success if the directions you follow are wrong. This book shows how things really should go. Soon you'll be able to troubleshoot problems yourself.

  • It's no harder to make great cheese than not-so-good, so get out your pots, equipment, & milk and begin a great adventure-down the cheese road!
  • "Delightfully refreshing, thoroughly detailed. Goes way beyond the beginnings of home cheese making" Ricky Carroll, founder, New England Cheesemaking

  • "Answers questions you didn't even know you had!" Jim Wallace, cheese tech, New England Cheesemaking

  • "I learned more in 3 hours than in 10 years of teaching myself cheesemaking." Jenny Vahldieck., Missouri

  • "Will benefit both professional & home cheese makers," J.M.Buch Kristensen, author of "Cheese Technology, a Northern European Approach," & former director, Dalum Dairy Danish Technical School,

  • 670 PAGES, 800 PHOTOS. Durable, plasticoil spiral, lay-flat binding. Divided into 2 volumes sold together as one set. 25 pages of FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions. Glossary; references; further reading. Record-keeping charts. 30-page index. And much more!

Please buy book here directly from me (Thanks! I earn more that way).
Price: $124.99, FREE postage before Nov. 30, 2017.
SAVE $30, two books: $219.98, FREE postage before Nov. 30.

Thank you!