Cheese Making Classes
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St. Louis, Missouri
Grand Rapids/Muskegon, Michigan
Springfield/Chicago, Illinois
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Out-of-Town Classes

I am scheduling a US tour, teaching cheesemaking and selling my brand new book on cheesemaking.

Write or call to sponsor a class where you live.

You do NOT need to find participants.

Anywhere outside of St. Louis, Missouri I can come to your location to teach the full array of traditional and professional methods of artisan cheese making.   I can supply the participants, or you can.  You may have me there just because you want to learn  cheesemaking. OR if you are starting or planning a cheesemaking operation, a dairy club that has raised funds or gotten a grant, or any group wanting wanting to begin or improve their cheesemaking skills.

If I bring all the supplies and milk, the cost is higher per person per day than my usual classes, to cover my travel and extra time.

Or, you may supply the milk, the location, the participants, and the equipment whether vats or pots and pans, and everything else specified on my list.  Class can be two or three days; or one day if within an hour drive of St. Louis, MO.  The fee is based on the number of days of teaching and travel. Usually a dairy or a club sponsors a class.  If you only have a few people who want to join the class, please consider just attending in St. Louis.

I will teach whichever types of cheese you are most interested in learning, while including a wide variety of different techniques.

Merryl Winstein -

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