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CONTACT ME to schedule an event in your location.

Anywhere in the USA, Canada, or worldwide, I do cheesemaking classes, presentations, cheese making or dairy consultation. I also give book talks about my SUCCESSFUL CHEESEMAKING® book. (List of previous events)

Participants may be your group, friends, a dairy club, or others who sign up on my website.

I can teach kids or adults at a beginner or artisan level, and I will teach whichever cheese-styles you are most interested in, while including a wide range of traditional and professional techniques for making really great tasting cheese.

Fee is based on the number of days of teaching and travel, number of participants, and who supplies the milk and equipment.

In general it is $185 per person per day, from 8:45am-5pm. Groups or clubs may have a different time and price format. In addition, I charge $400 per traveling day. Up to two children age 13 or under may attend free with each paying adult.

Host supplies overnight accomodation in a home or motel. Host also supplies clean, raw milk, which MUST be cooled according to my directions. If it is not cooled properly at milking time, the cheesemaking will fail. If pasteurized according to best cheesemaking practices on professional equipment, the pasteurized milk can be used.

Supermarket, bottled, pasteurized milk is not suitable for making good quality, hard, pressed, renneted cheeses.

Merryl Winstein - www.CheeseMakingClass.com

Merryl winstein, Cheese Making Classes, St. Louis, MO