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SCHEDULE: All-Day Cheesemaking Classes

Gruyere - Merryl Winstein Cheesemaking Class. StL MOStretching mozzarella,, Merryl Winstein, St. Louis, MO


with Merryl Winstein, Cheese Maker
St. Louis, Missouri, USA 63108

Beginners or experienced cheesemakers will all learn A LOT in my classes. You will go home overflowing with knowledge.

Choose Saturday, Sunday, or
You may pick any two days, for instance, two different Sundays, to get the two-day discount. Just register for one of the weekends, and also email me to tell which days you actually want.

Methods apply to making cheese of goat's, cow's, and sheep's milk

Be the first to buy my brand-new cheesemaking book, that I've been writing for the past 8 years. Normal price $100, just $80 at the class. 600 pages, 750 photos, complete info for making every kind of cheese.

St. Louis, Missouri,
Choose Saturday, Sunday, or both
JUNE 24-25, 2017 Choose Sat, Sun, or both
Comte (afirm, tasty, Alpine cheese made at high temperature),
Dutch Gouda (a sweet, washed-curd cheese made at medium temperatures),
Hand Ladled Ricotta

Blue Cheese, Feta, Traditional Mozzarella, Ricotta

Danish Havarti - washed curds, unpressed, smeared rind
Dutch Gouda -
washed curds, pressed, dry brushed rind
Brown Mysost (Norwegian brown cheese
made from whey)

French Tomme (The basic hard-pressed cheese. Mild, flavorful, exactly like those I ate in Paris).
Traditional Cloth-Bound Bandaged Cheddar MARBLED WITH WINE OUTLINES
Hand-ladled Ricotta boiled from whey

In All Classes
We will discuss the following cheeses but will not make them because after making the others all day it will be easy for you to make these at home:
Chevre/Fromage Blanc

Sour Cream


Have fun learning  a full array of accurate traditional and professional cheesemaking techniques in every class, and go home ready to make all your favorites!  Methods taught apply to both cow and goat milk. This class is great whether you've never made cheese, or you've made a lot of it. Get ALL your questions answered, and go home ready to make your favorites.

Get your hands into cheese making, using all your sense to observe the changing textures and aromas which go along with the scientific explanations.  You'll learn the different "clean breaks" for different kinds of cheese, find out why correct milk cooling entirely affects the flavor and success of your cheese, see the correct curd texture at draining, and understand how to monitor and control acidity and pH, moisture, temperature, and salt, in order to create consistently delicious cheeses.

You will NOT bring home cheese, that would be wildly impractical! But you will bring home knowledge, confidence and a complete direction booklet for making all your favorites. 

Whether you are new to cheesemaking or want to improve your current skills, in my classes you will get your questions answered.

Weekend classes, choose one day or both
Classes fill quickly; sign up online now

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Have fun getting your hands in and learning a complete array of traditional and professional cheesemaking techniques. This class is great for anyone - whether you are new or experienced at cheesemaking. Get your questions answered! Go home ready to try making all your favorites. You'll learn how to make cheese from cow's milk, goat's milk, or sheep's milk.


$185 one day, one person, or save $25, sign up one person both days, or two people on same day, or different person on each day: $345

LOCATION: St. Louis, Missouri USA 63108, near St. Louis University, Forest Park, BJC Hospitals, and Whole Foods St. Louis City. Exact address sent to participants.

Click Here to SIGN UP ONLINE or email me,
or phone 314-378-0196.


  • LUNCH, snacks, your coffee in a thermos, & water bottle, we will eat here during the class (NO time to eat out).
  • Pen & paper for notes.
  • BATH TOWEL to dry your hands all day and plastic bag to take it home.
  • Apron.
  • Camera.
  • Money for supplies to take home so you can start in right away. (I supply everything for the class itself.)

Nothing extra to buy for the class.
We will be inside, but dress for the weather (warmer clothes in winter, cooler clothes in summer.)

Refund if cancelled more than two weeks before the class. 
If cancelled less than two weeks before the class, no refund.

Click Here to SIGN UP ONLINE , or email, (or phone 314-378-0196)

Mozzarella - Merryl Winstein Cheesemaking Class, StL MO

Custom or Out of Town Cheese Making Classes
2017-2018 - Please contact me to teach in your location in Summer/Fall 2017. I am setting up a travel schedule.

I travel to other areas to teach Cheesemaking Classes.  Please CONTACT ME (click here) if interested.  Price per person per day is higher to cover my traveling costs and large amount of extra time involved.

Make all kinds of cheese at a class with Merryl Winstein, St. Louis, MO