with Merryl Winstein
& Successful Cheesemaking® book:

Heritage Radio Network
Heritage food podcasts
http://heritageradionetwork.org/podcast/successful-cheesemaking/Cutting the Curd Radio Podcast
Episode 353, Oct. 1, 2018
host: Diane Stempel, cheese investigator.

Jean Ponzi, host

KDHX 88.1 FM Radio
St Louis, Missouri
Around the world at KDHX.org

Planet Cheese, here.

blogger Janet Fletcher's weekly cheeseletter. Sept. 5, 2018 issue 

BLOG: Stephanie Robbins in Edwardsville IL

Culture Magazine, Winter 2018, p. 14. (here)

Publisher's Weekly review, May 2018.

Kirkus Magazine review, July 2018

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SIGN UP for Cheese Making classes.
your copy of my SUCCESSFUL CHEESEMAKING® book.

Pay by credit card. Or phone, 314.378.0196.
Expect immediate email receipt.  Write me if no receipt sent immediately.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Refund if cancelled more than two weeks before the class.  If cancelled less than two weeks before the class, no refund.


SUCCESSFUL CHEESEMAKING®, Step-by-Step Directions & Photos for Making Nearly Every Type of Cheese, (2-volume set)

$124.99 for 2-volume set. FREE postage USA.
(Postage: Canada: $20 per 2-volume set. Overseas postage: $65 for one set, $80 for two sets.)
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Weekly Class Schedule, click here
Sign up for Cheesemaking Class, below, or phone  +1 314.378.0196.

For class at your location,  email here, or phone +1 314.378.0196.

Exact address sent to you when you register. 
St Louis (Maplewod) MO Classes, zip 63143.
2 miles east of Whole Foods Galleria (Brentwood, Missouri); 1/4 mile north of Penzey's Spices and Kakao Chocolate. 1 mile west of Forest Park.

Expect emailed receipt immediately. 
If none, contact me right away.

Beginners or experienced, you will learn a LOT.
Full array of professional & traditional cheese and cheese making methods for cow, goat, or sheep,  so your cheese turn out delicious.
Totally hands-on; make new friends.
Lots of personal attention.
Go home ready to make all your favorites.

Receive complete 50-page direction packet.

Sat Dec 7, AMAZING NON-RENNETED CHEESE, 1:00-3:00. per adult ($39.00)
Sat Dec 7, per child over 5 yrs ($10.00)
Sat Dec 14, AMAZING NON-RENNETED CHEESE, 1:00-3:00 per adult ($39.00)
Sat Dec 14, per child over 5 yrs ($10.00)
Sat March 14, 2020 COMPLETE RENNETED CHEESE CLASS 8.45a-5pm ($185.00)
Sun March 15, 2020 COMPLETE RENNETED CHEESE CLASS 8.45a-5pm ($185.00)
SAVE $25, Sat/Sun March 14/15, 2020 Complete class, one person both days or two people one day, 8.45 ($345.00)
Sat April 18, 2020 PARMESAN & WASHED CURD cheeses, 8.45am-5pm ($185.00)
Sun April 19, 2020. The WHOLE GAMUT Cheesemaking 8:45am-5pm ($185.00)
SAVE $25: Two people one day, or one person both days April 18/19 ($345.00)
..................................... ($1.00)
USA SUCCESSFUL CHEESEMAKING® book, 2-volume set, free postage ($124.99)
Canada: (2-volume set) SUCCESSFUL CHEESEMAKING® book plus $20 postage ($145.00)
Wholesaler or Library order USA, per set, will be verified ($80.00)
Europe: (2-volume set) SUCCESSFUL CHEESEMAKING®, $74 postage sent from USA, me to you ($199.00)
Europe: SUCCESSFUL CHEESEMAKING®, pick up or can mail from Copenhagen DK contact Kogebogeriet.dk ($1.00)
AUSTRALIA: Successful Cheesemaking® book $125 + $74 postage = $199 USA ($199.00)
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